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Yoga for Learning ~ Developing your child’s confidence and self esteem

The ancient science of yoga provides some of the best tools for strengthening young bodies, minds and emotions: asana (stretches), breathing, visualisations and positive communication. Combine these and you can equip your children with valuable tools to make school life significantly more pleasurable, together with important tools to take into adult life.

One very desirable outcome is self-confidence. Numerous studies continue to demonstrate that good self-confidence can assist children at school, in relationships and later in life, in the workplaces. If coupled with the quiet humility that yoga tends to manifest, your little one will be well-equipped for the road ahead.

Yoga practise for children is not a panacea of course but it certainly helps create and build an inner backbone that significantly helps them become more resilient, especially in the early high school years.

Having tools like yoga, significantly adds to children’s ‘learning toolbox’, enabling them to adjust to the many learning challenges ALL learners must face.