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The Science of Smelling

How Our Sense of Smell Works

The olfactory senses are part of the body’s limbic system, which is responsible for memory, emotions, and behavior. When a scent is inhaled, messages are sent to parts of the brain that are a part of the limbic system and chemicals that have direct effects on mood are released such as serotonin.

The limbic system is also responsible for feeling pleasure, and the “reward path” in the brain is also a part of the limbic system. Activating this system prior to and during  study can have significant benefits for performance.

The Science of Smelling towards Exam Results

There is now a large body of evidence to suggest that scents such as rosemary and bergamot, applied or inhaled during exam preparation and then applied under the nostrils prior to exams can yield significantly better results.

While nothing replaces formal study techniques and procedures, having an ally from a plant source can significantly add to a student’s academic ‘toolbox’.

Try it and see! 🙂

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