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Techniques to assist students with learning difficulties

Short of engaging the services of professional child development psychologists or having the resources to pair a child with a teacher aide one-to-one there are a number of ways to assist their identified learning difficulty. It is important to match supporting techniques to the child’s issue.

Some Tips to Help a Student with Learning Difficulties

  • Create colour categorised timetables for older students to keep them organised
  • Visit an optometrist and purchase multiple pairs of glasses
  • Have their hearing tested to ensure they have no physical impairments
  • Talk to them and ask them to identify areas where they have trouble
  • Give them checklists for classes or subjects to keep them organised
  • If they have trouble with English read to them, with them, listen to them read and encourage them to do it on their own
  • If they have trouble with mathematics spend time with the basics, counting, grouping, times tables, adding, subtracting and counting in 2’s, 4’s, 6’s etc

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