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Benefits of Personalised Tutoring

Nothing replaces the rapport established between teacher, student, resources and the learning environment. However, there are many simple methods of creating optimum conditions for better learning.

We use a variety of techniques that ignite student’s performance and concentration. This also increases attention and brain function.

The benefit for each of our students is an easier recall of content and skills.

It helps each student develop powerful concentration and study skills that can be used in all subject areas.

Our team help each of our students to become
empowered, enthusiastic, creative and motivated students.

KAV Assessments

Kinaesthetic, Auditory and Visual Learning

We all learn in different ways yet we have a major preference in a learning style that is unique to us.

Awareness of student’s individual learning styles and preferences, allows the learning relationship to be more meaningful. It also provides the student with initial and ongoing learning strategies, to establish and maintain meaningful engagement with the learning process.

Educational Kinesiology and Neuroplasticity

Recent studies have overwhelmingly proven just how ‘plastic’ our brain is. We teach our students techniques to increase brain functionality by enhancing neuroplasticity.

We incorporate exercises in Educational Kinesiology to encourage the use of both hemispheres of the brain. This helps create a Whole Brain learning environment that simply makes learning easier and faster.

The Importance of Hydration

Adequate hydration is critical to brain functioning and therefore academic performance. Lack of hydration leads to ‘foggy’ and lethargic thinking, resulting in a significant reduction in concentration.

We need to consume water regularly if we are to operate at maximum capacity.

Each child is encouraged to hydrate with filtered water in order to maximize their learning experience.

Alpha State Learning

Here, at Focus Education, we use many subtle techniques, including aspects of music and aromatherapy. These enhance learning at a subtle yet very powerful level.

Again, many recent studies have indicated the importance that an appropriate environment plays in increasing study performance.

These techniques operate in the background creating and enhancing powerful learning experiences for students.

Mindfulness In Education

The evidence is now very clear – Mindfulness works.

Paying more attention to our lives, especially the things we do and say, connects us to a powerful, often untapped resource.

Modern science can now measure the benefits of the effectiveness of mindfulness across a variety of areas in our lives. This includes the manner in which we interact with information when learning new skills.

Thankfully, learning simple mindfulness practices is relatively easy. Integrating it as a part of our daily lives continues, for most of us, to be the biggest challenge.

At Focus Education we integrate a variety of mindfulness tools and techniques that enhance the learning experience of our students.