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Selective Schools & Scholarship Test Tutoring

At Focus, we assist students to prepare for all Selective Schools and Scholarship tests. These include Mathematics, English and General Ability.

At Focus Education, we believe that preparing students as candidates for competitive public exams, requires so much more than ‘teaching to a test’. In fact, using only this method can often inhibit and under-prepare, even talented students.

Scholarship tests are, by design, challenging. As much for the content, as the style of inference-based questions.

Our Selective Schools preparation, focuses each student on a variety of generic questions, similar in style to those in most tests. This provides the student with broader exposure to a wider variety of questions. Becoming familiar with this type of higher-order questions can then provide the student with a ‘toolbox’ of experience. This can often be the key difference between effective and non-effective time management during the pressure-cooker environment of the exam.

Having a broader exposure to generic questions, not only provides the opportunity to explore content but to feel better prepared. For many students, this feeling is somatic and authentic and cannot be duplicated by rote-learning answers.

One of the key differences that our students tell us is the feeling of ‘having more time in the exam’. This comes from the direct experience of ‘exam conditions’.

The great Roger Federer is a wonderful example of this kind of preparation. He is a champion, not necessarily because of his skill (he has loads of that, as we all know), rather his ability to excel on most surfaces and in a variety of conditions. In other words, Federer’s preparation is broad and extensive. He also trains under pressure. The net result of this approach is that his mind and body are more relaxed and able to process information at a faster rate than his opponents. He then has seemingly more time to execute his shots.

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