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Releasing Trauma for Easier Learning

All of us have suffered some kind of trauma in our life-travels. Some things we remember because at the time, it was ‘big’ to us. Perhaps indeed it was ‘big’ and indeed extremely life-altering and traumatic. Most of it however, has been long forgotten and sequestered into those cerebral places where distant memories reside.

Most of the trauma I’m referring to however, falls under the banner of ‘soft’ or little traumas. The kind that most children ( and adults ) encounter regularly, some daily. Simple things like, falling over, falling out with a friend, being gently reprimanded or criticised by a friend or teacher. Whilst not diminishing the intensity with which a young person may interpret these events, most of us would agree that we tend to get over them relatively quickly and move on with life. Or so we think!

How Trauma Affects the Body

The body, which cellularly represents our unconscious mind, remembers EVERYTHING! Our unconscious, as the famous phsycotherapist Carl Jung reminds us, represents over 90% of what we do, including why and how we do it. Sure, our ego-based conscious mind, can convince us at any moment that IT is in charge and running most of our life. As medical science is now proving, the body/mind has a direct impact on our lives, including our health and in this case, the efficiency of what and how we learn.

How Trauma Affects Learning

So, what does this have to do with learning and school? Quite a lot it would seem. The latest research in body-psychology informs us that our body/mind is not a separate part of the whole but rather, is the whole. A kind of microcosm of the microcosm, a hologram if you will. Our mind and our bodies are inextricably linked, affecting each other every millisecond and every breath that we take.

Sure, we can override our body with our mind but it is rarely sustainable and often ends in pain, disease, mental illness and in some cases, hospitalisation or worse.

How and Why We Should Release Trauma

It is important then for ALL of us, especially young people to find healthy, safe, appropriate mechanisms of releasing trauma of any kind that is stored in the body. There are many non-invasive, simple and even pleasant methods of achieving this. From Somatic Psychotherapy with a qualified therapist, through to a plethora of easily learned self-help techniques such as EFT , Psych-K and TRE. Most of these techniques are easy to learn and can be enormously beneficial in releasing vital life-force energy that is often stuck in muscular blocks. When this energy is gently release, there is an abundance of energy that can then be directed towards a healthy life. Including improving school results.

We are in an age when self-health, really is the most effective way of maintaining a healthy life. Allopathic medicine does have its place but if we are to take personal responsibility for our own lives, as well as those of our children, the results for the next generation of adults is very bright indeed. Happy tapping!! J

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