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Pre-Kinder Literacy Program

Focus Education currently offers a Pre-Kinder Early Literacy and Numeracy Program.

The program covers the literacy basics your child needs to be ready for primary school.


Pre-Kinder Literacy Program

This program commences in both May (9 months in duration) and July (6 months in duration) each year, with limited positions available.

Our May program enables the students to acquire more in-depth literacy and numeracy skills, extending and enriching their readiness for school.

The program provides pre-school children with a sound introduction to basic literacy skills and lays an effective platform for easier entry into ‘big’ school.

Outcomes of this program are:

  • Know and say the alphabet
  • Recognise and pronounce the appropriate sound for each vowel & consonant
  • Identifies the parts of words – beginning, middle and ending
  • Know word Families and rhyming words
  • Read two-letter and three-letter words
  • Read and write letters of the alphabet
  • Read common sight words
  • Reading, listening and re-telling of short stories.
  • Recognise, count and write numbers to 10