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The Pizza Learning Model – Pizza Anyone?

The pizza learning model: How children’s learning is like making a pizza.

Most of us enjoy a traditional pizza every now and again. It’s often a treat at week’s end, that many of us relish as a welcome reprieve from daily kitchen duties.

Most of us also have very specific topics, flavours and seasonings that we simply MUST have as part of our pizza, otherwise it’s simply not pizza!

The Pizza Learning Model Explained

Children’s learning is very similar to making a pizza. The delicious, welcomed end-product, is only as good as the sum of its parts. That is, the dance and weave and ultimate success of the end result, is often measured by the effectiveness of the whole. Miss one vital ingredient and it can be very disappointing.

Children learn naturally and holistically. In fact, we are ALL hard-wired to learn in a multi-sensory way. Children learn by adding their environmental ‘ingredients’ together to make sense of their world. In an instructional environment like a classroom, children become (too) reliant on the teacher’s ingredients.

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