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Helpful Hints and Tips for Better Organisation

One of the most often asked questions we’ve received over the years is ‘how can I get better organised?’ Wouldn’t we ALL love the answer to THAT question! 🙂

Below are some ideas, primarily for senior students, that can be a wonderful springboard for better organisation and therefore significantly less stress. In particular, leading up to major assignment and exam time.

  1. Delete social media & email notifications. They just distract you and make every task take longer. Assign time to work in email & social media to avoid the multi-tasking habits that can come with responding to every ping.
  2. Set up your daily schedule and appointments/tasks in Asana, and link it to your calendar, so that you can keep your task management, systems and schedule all linked.
  3. Tidy your desk once a week (more if you need to!)
  4. Use Evernote to brain dump your notes, reminders, ideas etc – it’s much more reliable than your brain, and doesn’t fill up like a notebook!

If nothing changes, then nothing changes. I hope these ideas springboard you towards better organisation, better marks and more piece of mind.

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