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Healthy lunch ideas for optimum performance

One of our biggest challenges as tutors/mentors is ensuring that our students arrive ready to engage in learning. A good diet, together with HEAPS of fresh water is the key to better performance.

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Your Child

Here’s an example of a healthy lunch that will keep your child awake and alert in the afternoon:

  • Water – filtered water in a metal drinking bottle is great for lunches. Non-breakable and no nasty plastics leaching into the water. Remember most filters remove the chemicals from the water.
  • Fruit – a whole apple or a whole banana or any piece of fresh fruit. Remember that ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ – apples and bananas are highly nutritious and are a great energy boost.
  • Fresh greens and salad – when fresh and organic, salad greens keep you awake and alert and provide great nutrition.

What to Avoid

Avoid bread if possible. Bread gives a boost of energy and then leaves you sleepy. No wonder so many children fall asleep in class and just look at people at a conference if they have had bread during their lunch break…they are asleep too. If you need an alternative, wraps are generally better.

Is Yoghurt OK?

Yoghurt. A quality natural yoghurt and add your own dried fruit or cut fresh fruit.

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