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Handy hints for back to school

Our current summer seems to be endless. Long, hot days and equally warm nights. Few of us are sleeping well and many of us are getting a little short-tempered and frayed, primarily due to under-hydration and lack of restful, rejuvenating sleep.

As our children re-enter the school world for another year, it’s important to realise that they too are often a little underdone in the sleep stakes. They too are often under-hydrated.

Our Experience with the Back to School Phase

As a 35 plus year veteran of ‘week ones’, I’ve always held the view that the first week of back-to-school in the hot Australian summer, isn’t so much about the learning and the content, rather it’s often simply survival.

Surviving wearing school shoes and not thongs. Surviving being away from a fridge and cold drinks. Surviving the early morning wake-up and the often crazy-making kitchen dance of lunches, drink bottles, books, uniforms and lost socks.

As working adults, we ALL struggle to find a work-rhythm after a long holiday. School students aren’t any different. They need time, patience and understanding as they adjust and settle into their new year. So, at the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, here are a few reminders that can make that holiday-school transition a little smoother;

Reminders for the First Few Weeks Back

  1. HYDRATE. Water, water, water. Our brains are often the first part of us to feel foggy and jaded when we’re under-hydrated. We actually set one hour water- reminders on our devices. When the reminder sounds, we stop, stand and drink water.
  2. Move! I know this sounds counter-intuitive but moving slowly and consciously through our physical world allows us to be present and spend less time focussing on the heat!
  3. Eat small and often. Fruit and veggies are king here.
  4. Wet hankies. These are often overlooked but can be the perfect antidote for the heat when used to wipe our faces, necks and wrists.
  5. Breathe. S-L-O-W-L-Y. This is perhaps one of our best ‘go to’ tools in our toolbox. Watch what happens when you stop, sit ( or stand) and enjoy 3 or 4 very slow inhales and exhales.

Kindness and self-compassion. Being kind to ourselves and those around is one of the greatest gifts we can offer ourselves and those in our orbit.

Stay cooooool in schoooool. 🙂

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