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Five strategies to end the homework struggle

1. Practice empathy

Put yourself in your children’s shoes. Homework, when coupled with overcoming dyslexia, is no small task for either child or parent. Play anthropologist for an hour and pretend you’re simply at the homework table to observe and witness a marvel of human invention, homework.

2. Welcome mistakes as teachable moments

Trying something and failing gives us valuable information. Mistakes are often how we learn. It helps develop resilience, something successful dyslexics have mastered.

3. Customise techniques for your child

Listening and asking questions about your child’s experience will provide valuable insight into their behaviours and interests which can help you develop appropriate incentives based on knowing your child’s motivations.

4. Do your homework, too

Prepare for the homework session by checking in ahead of time on the subject matter. This especially helpful for math assignments. YouTube is a wonderful resource for a three-minute refresher or intro to the latest curriculum.

5. Develop multi-sensory strategies

Help boost your child’s homework stamina by bringing in other sensory outlets.

For example, offering your child a piece of gum to chew, the option to sit on a yoga ball, or to stand rather than sitting in a chair. Invite your child to pace around the room while brainstorming aloud for a writing assignment, or provide a rubber band they can fidget with to facilitate an outlet for their need to move. Do some silly stretches, think calisthenics, with an emphasis on crossing midline to help bilateral integration, which means using both sides of the body at the same time.

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