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Dyslexia is not a disease, it’s about brain organisation

Misconceptions about Dyslexia

There are many misconceptions and distortions about dyslexia and what it means.

Dr. Martha Burns is an international expert on dyslexia and the neuroscience of learning. Dr Burns says “People with dyslexia have many strengths, they have many intellectual capabilities, it’s just that reading is not their strong suit, and some of the capacities that underlie reading, like phonological awareness is hard for them.

I had a wonderful professor who said we all have learning disabilities. We all have something we can’t do very well, whether it’s carry a tune or draw a picture or play sports. So rather than call it a disorder or a disability, if we think about it as a brain that’s organised differently, it gives a more positive approach to what we want to do about it and we stop using words like ‘cure’ or ‘fix’ and we use words like ‘intervene’.”

Dr. Burns’ theories can provide great relief for parents and children alike, as she reminds each of us, that our ‘weaknesses’, often hide our hidden talents and strengths.

It’s a timely reminder that we are ALL different. We are ALL capable of contributing to our world in equal measure. A label of ‘any’ kind, can often be a handbrake for success.

Assuming that we’re all talented and express our talents in a myriad of ways, can represent genuine freedom for many. Viva la difference!

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