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Coloured foods and how they affect moods

There are 7 colours in the rainbow and 7 main food colours. If you want to feel a certain way, then eat the foods of those colours or wear clothing of the colour.


  • Light Red represents joy, passion, sensitivity and love
  • Pink for romance, love and friendship
  • Dark red for vigour, willpower, anger, leadership, courage


  • Orange stimulates mental activity, passion, pleasure, aggression and a thirst for action
  • Gold gives the feeling of prestige


  • Yellow for intellect, freshness and joy
  • Dull yellow sickness and jealousy


  • Yellow green can indicate sickness or jealousy
  • Green blue for emotional healing
  • Olive green for peace
  • Dark green for ambition and jealousy


  • Light blue for health and healing
  • Dark blue for knowledge and power


  • Light purple for romance and nostalgic feelings
  • Dark purple can cause frustration and sad feelings


  • White for innocence, purity and goodness
  • Black for power, evil or mystery