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Welcome! Thank you for stopping by to look at who we are and what we do.

Focus Education was established by us, Sean and Catherine, in 1994. We saw it as an opportunity to alleviate students and parents with their frustrations, often reflected in academic underperformance. As experienced Primary and Secondary Teachers, we witnessed first-hand how this impacted children’s self-esteem, confidence and ultimately life-choices.

In our professional opinion,
there are NO failures at school.

We believe that ALL results are just feedback. It’s a snapshot of a moment in time.

Using this feedback as a personal launching pad for success is one of the keys to genuine growth. In fact, it can be THE defining moment when reality is accepted and meaningful re-engagement with the learning process can begin.

We hand-pick our team of educators, who are capable of providing individual tuition in Mathematics and English from Kindergarten to Year 12.

The whole FOCUS Education team help us to realise our dream of creating totally empowered, enthusiastic, creative and motivated students.

Catherine-and-Sean McNally Tutoring Erina NSW

The Focus Education learning centre is located in Erina, NSW in a peaceful, purpose-built, air-conditioned learning space, located 500 metres from Erina Fair Shopping Centre.

We are registered and experienced primary and high school teachers, having a combined teaching experience of more than 50 years. We have witnessed and embraced many, many changes in the education system, since beginning our teaching careers in the early 1980’s.

Embracing education and societal changes during that time has inspired us to continually make learning an engaging and meaningful process for modern students.

Professionally, we wanted to empower children by developing learning programs that suited each individual student. This quickly led us to teach children in the flow of their unique learning styles and preferences.

The results were immediate and profound. Most of the students, who are taught in this way, not only understand the content better, but also are able to retain and retrieve it more easily for assessments and exams – often amazing themselves, their parents and their teachers with their results.

We have had extensive teaching experience in a variety of schools and now choose to pursue our passion for education in private practice at Focus Education.

We are lucky enough to lead a team of professionals who are also experienced and passionate educators. Our team of highly trained educators, are constantly updating their own skills in a variety of disciplines.

At Focus Education, our philosophy of: ‘How CAN We Do It?’
is very quickly adopted & embodied by each student.