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Expert tuition in Mathematics and English Year 1 to Year 12


Individual Learning Programs


Qualified teachers and experienced tutors


Selective School Preparation


Remediation, Consolidation and Enrichment learning programs


Convenient location – 500m to Erina Fair shopping centre

  • Expert tuition in Mathematics & English Year 1-12
  • Individual learning programs
  • Qualified teachers and experienced tutors
  • Convenient location – 500m to Erina Fair
  • Remediation, consolidation & enrichment learning programs
  • Selective Schools preparation
NAPLAN Preparation
HSC Preparation
Selective Schools

We educate with up-to-date resources and nationally compatible primary & secondary school curriculum materials taught with proven learning techniques that help your child build confidence and succeed personally and academically.

Focus Education students get amazing results…

Stephanie A
Teacher and Parent

“Thank you Focus Education for returning our daughter’s belief in her gifts rather than her challenges. She no longer fears what she cannot immediately grasp, believing in herself and knowing that it’s OK if she doesn’t get it right the first time. Focus Education has taught both me as a parent and my child, that children learn in different ways and to learn successfully begins with knowledge of self”

East Gosford

Hi Sean & Catherine,

Mackenzie was awarded an Academic Achievement Award at yesterday’s mid year Academic Assembly!! This was such a nice surprise for all of us and we are so pleased with the way he has approached his start to Year 11 studies.
Many thanks to everyone at Focus for the support and encouragement, he really does enjoy the sessions with you and now he can see the results 🙂
Thanks again and we look forward to another great term!

Kind Regards

Year 8

“I learn more in my weekly lesson at Focus than I do in three Maths lessons at school”

Tracy, Geoff, Ava and Hannah Hardman

Dear Catherine, Sean, Jess and the Focus team,

“Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into Ava this year. We have really seen her confidence grow from her time spent at Focus. Even though there is a long way to go, the results are already paying off based on her report card and looking at her school work. Thank you for recognising the way she learns and imparting that knowledge to us. Thank you for being patient and making learning fun. Thank you for everything.”

Year 11

“Focus Education has provided me with a sound background and knowledge needed to achieve way beyond my expectations. A thorough grounding in Maths and English has enabled me to approach all of my lessons with confidence and understanding. I now have the ability to achieve goals and perform at a level I would have never thought attainable. I have been in the Focus family for some time now and have grown stronger with the knowledge and learning that a caring and warm environment can provide. Thank you, Catherine!”

Year 4

“Now that I know my times tables, I can finally do division like the really smart kids in my maths class. My teacher actually moved me up two Maths groups and I can even keep up. ”

Bateau Bay
Year 12

“I used to find essay writing a real problem. I would often stray off topic and not have any real structure to my work. Since coming to Focus I now know how to structure my essay properly. I’m now getting the English marks I think I’m worth.”


Thank you soooo much Catherine and Sean for giving my son Zach such a great start to the year. He really enjoyed himself and told me that he’s feeling so much more confident already. I’m so pleased to see him so inspired about learning 🙂

Kylie and Doug

Dear Sean, Catherine and Jess

Thank you for all you efforts with Flynn’s tutoring over the past 12 months. It has made a huge impact on his performance at school and his self confidence with regards to his own abilities. We were thrilled with his achievements towards the end of last year which included a school term maths award, a distinction in the Newcastle Permenamt Maths Competition and selection for extension class placement for year 7. A definite reflection on the work he has been doing at tutoring and the support of his year 6 teacher.

Kind Regards

James and Lisa

Hi Sean and the Whole Focus Team,
Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Daniel has been successful in obtaining a place at Gosford Selective High School. He is very pleased and looking forward to moving on to the new year!
Thank you again for all of your support.

Year 1

“My teacher says that I’m the best reader in my class now. She has to go next door to Year 2 to get me harder books. I’ve read most of the books in my Year 1 class.”

Catherine-and-Sean McNally Tutoring Erina NSW

Empowering the future generation towards personal success.

Empowering the future generation towards personal success.