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Tutoring Sessions

Personal attention makes learning easier and faster.

Once we have assessed your child, they are placed on a Strategic Learning Program that addresses their specific learning needs. This program is specific, targeted and focussed. Each student’s preferred learning style – visual, auditory or kinesthetic – is also assessed and used to best deliver learning content. This creates a deep anchoring and understanding of all content for easier recall and use.

Our student’s needs vary from remediation in basic Mathematics and English, through to deep enrichment and extension work for advanced students.

Most students work very effectively in groups. However, our service is NOT group tutoring. Each student’s academic needs are addressed and monitored individually. The teachers ensure that each child is moved through their skill-based learning program, at their level of understanding. The teachers can quickly identify any learning ‘road blocks’ and assist the student forward. The student does NOT move on, until they have mastered skills at their current level of understanding. Effectively, their skill base has a more solid foundation, a foundation that is personal and relevant to them.

At Focus Education, we create an Alpha Learning Environment. The learning environment is safe, calm, focussed and success-orientated for each student. Students remain keenly motivated and willing to do their best. This helps them develop sound study habits that they can use at school and at home. Our extensive success with hundreds of students is testament to the effectiveness of our teaching and learning methods.

At Focus Education we emphasise the vital fundamental skills in English and Mathematical understandings.


Our English programs cover reading, comprehension, written expression and creative writing. We use a wide range of text types including narrative, poetry, exposition, recounts, discussion and media texts. Foundational skills in English are critical to success at ALL LEVELS. Therefore we provide in-depth instruction in grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. Correct essay format is taught together with note-taking and text analysis skills. Study skills, memory techniques and goal setting skills are taught and can then be applied to a variety of subject areas.


Our Mathematics programs work within the guidelines of the current Australian syllabus and cover all number operations, times tables, fractions, decimals and percentages, algebra and equations, geometry, space and measurement, financial mathematics and chance and data. Our strong emphasis on basic number facts especially times tables, mental arithmetic and thinking mathematically, ensures a well-developed number sense for further Mathematical concept development.


Every learning session is jam-packed with essential, effective, individual support.  It is therefore imperative that students arrive on time and are ready to work.

Also, please make sure that your child has attended to the following:

  • Arrive a few minutes before their scheduled time. This allows an opportunity to relax, do a puzzle or two, chat to the teachers and generally get themselves into the correct ‘headspace’ for learning.
  • Informed the teacher of anything they would like clarified or reviewed.
  • Is hydrated (lots of water only! ) and something healthy to eat. Learning is so much easier when we are hydrated and fed!
  • Bring a smile tucked away somewhere! A positive attitude NEVER goes astray either!
  • An openness and willingness to learn new things and sometimes to be waaay out of their comfort zone. It really IS where true learning begins after all. 🙂