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Welcome to Focus Education’s Preschool Programs. We currently offer two programs. Program 1 and Program 2. Program 1 is outlined below. Program 2, offers all of program one’s content and structure but also introduces your child to multiple-intelligences. We believe we are unique in offering this cutting-edge content. It is designed so that your child is empowered and expanded into the world of multiple-intelligences. Skills and familiarity with multiple-intelligences provide your child with essential collaborative, cohesive leadership skills.

Program 1

This program commences in both May and July each year and is proving very popular. There are two programs. The first program commences in May and is 9 months in duration. The second program commences in July and is 6 months duration. Our May program, enables the students to acquire more in-depth literacy and numeracy skills, extending and enriching their readiness for school.

The program provides pre-school children with a sound introduction to basic literacy skills and lays an effective platform for easier entry into ‘big’ school.

The classes are conducted in small groups allowing children to develop appropriate confidence in speaking and listening skills, together with advanced social skills like taking turns, listening to the teacher and following sequential instructions.

Each child involved in the program is assessed to gauge their basic phonic, visual and auditory perception skills. Any possible learning barriers are detected and addressed.

Some of the content covered in the program is:

  • Knowing and saying the alphabet
  • Recognising and saying the appropriate sound for each vowel & consonant.
  • Basic syllabification skills ie the parts of words, beginning, middle and ending
  • Word Families and rhyming words
  • Reading two-letter and three-letter words
  • Reading and Writing letters of the alphabet
  • Recognising counting numbers to 10
  • Working with numbers 1 to 10
  • A short list of common sight words
  • Reading, listening and re-telling of short stories.

Program 2

This program is fun and interactive. It includes exposure to skills and structures within four multiple-intelligences. We are all aware of our IQ, Intellectual Intelligence but are often less familiar with other equally important ways of successfully operating in our world. The program focuses on ALL of the content in Program 1, together with developing skills in EQ ( Emotional Intelligence), SQ (Social Intelligence ) and PQ ( Physical/Health Intelligence).

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