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News and Learning Tips…

We update our blogs regularly in order to give you hints, tips and ideas for more powerful learning experiences. Some of our blogs that might interest you are:

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” A smile really IS a curve that can straighten out a lot of woes” 🙂


Nothing replaces the rapport established between teacher, student, resources and learning environment. However, there are many simple methods of creating optimum conditions for better learning.

We use a variety of techniques that ignite student’s performance and concentration. This also increases attention and brain function. The benefit for each of our students is an easier recall of content and skills. It helps them develop powerful concentration and study skills that can be used in all subject areas.


Adequate hydration is critical to brain functioning and therefore academic performance. Lack of hydration leads to ‘foggy’ and lethargic thinking resulting in a significant reduction in concentration. We need to consume water regularly if we are to operate at maximum capacity. Clear, filtered water consumption is encouraged and access is provided at the learning centre to all students during each class.


Recent research studies have overwhelmingly proved just how ‘plastic’ our brain is. We teach our students techniques to increase brain functionality by enhancing neuroplasticity. We incorporate exercises in Brain Gym to encourage the use of both hemispheres of the brain. This helps create a Whole Brain learning environment that simply makes learning easier and faster.


We use many subtle techniques, including aspects of music and aromatherapy that enhance learning at a subtle yet very powerful level. Again, many recent studies have indicated the importance that an appropriate environment plays in increasing student study performance. These techniques operate in the background creating and enhancing powerful learning experiences for students.

KAV (Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic learning)

We all learn in different ways yet we have a major preference in a learning style that is unique to us. Once we assess each student’s learning style, we try as far as possible to deliver information and skills according to how they learn not simply how we want to teach them.